Quality Assurance Manager


For one of the largest apparel organization in the world we are looking for a QA manager. The organization’s spirit is Make The Impossible Possible!

The team:

The e-commerce platform & user experience team is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the best in class e-commerce platform that the organization wants to operate for their brands. They make sure that the business continues 24/7 and do so by engaging the right tools, vendors & partners. They strive for the optimal balance between releasing new capabilities fast and having a reliable and stable platform to trade on.

The Job:

The organization wants to be among the best websites in the industry. In order to achieve that they are taking the platform inhouse and are assuming more control as an e-commerce department on the roadmap. It is your role as a Quality Assurance Manager to make sure their teams deliver quality and that that quality is maintained and monitored!

You are the brand’s conscience when it comes down to making sure the brand delivers quality. In your role you make sure that testing is made part of the development process where they are using Scrum as the methodology. Working closely with the development team you make sure that they have acceptance criteria and test scenarios for all the developments that they do. You liaise with the vendors for automated and manual testing services as well as inhouse testing resources (generally business users that have to validate the changes) to make sure the test scripts are executed in a timely and reliable fashion.

Your working day could easily look like this:
You just came back from a meeting with the SI in London where you discussed the new automated full regression test that they are implementing to improve reliability and speed of the regression test cycle. With this improvement the brand should be able to automatically regression test the site and make sure that >95% of the business is covered with the test scenarios in less than a night. This could dramatically improve the time to market for new developments. After lunch in the employee restaurant People’s Place you are meeting with the e-commerce product owner to go over the next sprint to see if there are any changes to make to the test scripts for that release. Before you leave for home you go through a number of recommendations that you are presenting to the ecommerce trading team tomorrow to improve the translations used on the websites.


  • Making sure that the releases are properly tested and QA’ed before and after they go live.
  • Implementing automatic testing together with our vendors and making sure that the automated test scenarios provide high reliability and coverage of our actual business scenarios.
  • Liaising with in and outsourced testing resources to conduct manual testing.
  • Liaising with information security to perform regular penetration and security tests as well as coordinate the details on PCI compliance.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • You have knowledge of various testing tools & methodologies and are able to apply the right tools at the right time;
  • You have successfully implemented and ran automated testing in an scrum environment;
  • You are familiar with the scrum methodology and you know what your responsibilities are in that process;
  • You have a very keen eye for detail and are able to determine criticality of issues that you find. You understand the business priorities;
  • You have a great focus on quality;
  • Excellent communication skills are required for this job.

Are you the Pearl we are looking for? Surprise and inspire us with your motivation. We are curious about you! Please send your letter of motivation and your resume to Nicole van Thoor, nicole@spargle.com. Or for more information call: +3135 – 747 0747.