Filled: Monitoring Specialist


Are you a starting professional? Do you have a keen eye for details? And do you have excellent communication skills? We are looking for a monitoring specialist with ambition to grow!

For one of the largest apparel organization in the world we are looking for a Monitoring specialist. The organization’s spirit is Make The Impossible Possible!

The team:

The ecommerce platform & user experience team is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the best in class ecommerce platform that the organization wants to operate for their brands. They make sure that the business continues 24/7 and do so by engaging the right tools, vendors & partners. They strive for the optimal balance between releasing new capabilities fast and having a reliable and stable platform to trade on.

The Job:

The organization wants to be among the best websites in their industry. In order to achieve that they are taking the platform inhouse and are assuming more control as an ecommerce department on the roadmap. It is your role to make sure the websites are performing well and that any issues are spotted and solved in a timely fashion by the vendors.

Your role is to keep a keen eye on the company’s websites and make sure that they know what is going on on them at all times. You make sure they monitor the sites on all of the KPI’s and that they spot any issues or irregularities in time. You work with in- and external vendors that have the day to day responsibility for monitoring but you make sure they monitor the right things and that they act accordingly. You make sure that issues spotted are resolved depending on their criticality and you follow up with other teams and vendors to make sure that is the case. In addition to this you also continuously improve the website by making suggestions for improvements based on feedback from the consumers, colleagues and based on best practices. You regularly conduct feedback sessions to improve language and quality of translations on the site.

Your working day could easily look like this:
You come in in the morning and open up your dashboard. You see last nights performance of the sites was great. You do spot a small downward trend in the payment to thank you page conversion on some countries so you make a mental note to look into that later. First you have a call with the managed support vendor to go over the monitoring reports from the last month. You have implemented new KPI’s and monitoring points based on some issues that arose the month before and you want to look how often these were hit. Seeing there weren’t a lot of occurrences you decide to leave the monitoring like is but take no further action. You now dive into the issue you spotted on last nights performance and you find out there was an issue with PayPal that impacted the conversion. You make sure the right stakeholders are informed about this and you decide to start an investigation into how the organization does more detailed monitoring on the individual payment methods.


  • Making sure that the brand monitors the live sites on all the KPI’s that matter and that they spot issues and irregularities in a timely fashion
  • Follow up with various vendors to solve and mitigate issues on the live sites
  • Implement & improve live monitoring tools by adding monitoring points based on risk assessment, past issues or best practice.
  • Follow up on consumer and collegial feedback on issues and or irregularities on the site

Minimum Qualifications:

  • This is a great starter role in the ecommerce platform team.
  • Keen eye for detail and spotting issues
  • Good analytical skills to be able to determine the real severity of an issue
  • Good communication skills
  • Perseverance and the will to get stuff done!
  • You have a very keen eye for detail and are able to determine criticality of issues that you find.

Are you the Pearl we are looking for? Surprise and inspire us with your motivation. We are curious about you! Please send your letter of motivation and your resume to Nicole van Thoor, Or for more information call: +3135 – 747 0747.