E-commerce coordinator


Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you love coordinating? Do you dare to be bold? And would you like to work for one of the most inspiration fashion brands of the World?


About the team:
The e-commerce platform & user experience team is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the best in class e-commerce platform that the organization wants to operate for their brands. We make sure that the business continues 24/7 and do so by engaging the right tools, vendors & partners. We strive for the optimal balance between releasing new capabilities fast and having a reliable and stable platform to trade on. 

The Job:
We want to be among the best websites in our industry. In order to achieve that we are taking the platform inhouse and are assuming more control over our e-commerce platform. With the platform team we run & manage the e-commerce environments. In the team we have an open position for a coordinator.

Your role is to support our business users in making sure they can operate the e-commerce platform and that they get the right support when needed. You know our systems landscape and have working knowledge of most of our tools. You can train people on the use of the platformor arrange the right support for them to complete their tasks. You support the platform manager and the product owner in various activities ranging from performing data setup for new functionality or tests to providing direct support to end users but you also participate in projects and support with the implementation of new tools or processes.

Your working day could easily look like this:
Your morning starts with catching up on some emails and checking the performance of our sites last night. You just want to know if there weren’t any issues that you want to know about that could have been prevented. You see that there were some orders reported that had double discounts. You check with our monitoring specialist and you both conclude that indeed this monitoring rule was hot more frequently than normal. You agree that you will dive into it and you take a look at some of the orders that were impacted. You notice that a number of orders were created with a combination of promo codes that lead to too high discounts. It seems the codes were set up wrong so you pick this up with team that created these codes and explain them what they need to pay attention to when setting up the codes. They will correct the issue and also update their instructions. In the afternoon you meet with our new vendor for search technology. They have just implemented their new technology and will explain you how the search rules need to be created and amended. Based on this session you document a how-to for our end users and you also schedule a training session with the trading teams.


  • Making sure that we provide our end users with the right support to use our e-commerce platform
  • Support the platform team in case of issues and where needed follow up with vendors to solve them
  • Act as backup for the monitoring specialist
  • Set up and maintain documentation for our users
  • Support the product owner in requirements gathering


  • This is a great starter role in our e-commerce platform team.
  • You work structured and logical and you are great at documenting
  • You can write user manuals and how-to’s
  • Good analytical skills to quickly understand new technologies
  • Good communication skills
  • Perseverance and the will to get stuff done!


Are you the Pearl we are looking for? Surprise and inspire us with your motivation. We are curious about you! Please send your letter of motivation and your resume to Suzanne MeindersSuzanne@spargle.com. Or for more information call: +3135 – 747 0747.